What Sets Us Apart

We strive to make the freshest chocolates we can. Since the beginning we have been making our chocolates and their fillings from fresh ingredients with no preservatives. Fast forward 40 years and we are still doing it the same way. Homemade hand crafted chocolates and candy is a dying art and I have a passion to keep it alive. Every piece of chocolate that leaves is inspected and held to the highest standards and if it doesn’t pass, it doesn’t leave. We strive to supply our customers with the best homemade chocolate and candy we can possibly make, even though our prices are higher than that of the chocolate purchased in the big box retailers, know that our chocolate is fresh and we use no preservatives. Don’t be worried that the chocolate will spoil on you because we have never had a customer that has allowed their chocolate last more than a week, it is that good.

There are many down sides to preservatives that we just don’t want to pass onto our customers. Preservatives can be:

harmful to your heart; studies have shown that consuming preservatives can weaken the heart tissue over time.

change of behavior; A study in 2003 of nearly 2000 children proved that the consumption of foods with preservatives significantly increased hyperactive behavior.

These are just some of the negative effects of preservatives. This is the reason we have decided not to add preservatives to our chocolates and candies.