About Us

40+ years ago my grandma Connie Murphy went and took a chocolate class to learn how to make Christmas candy with her friend. In the class they told the students to buy premade fillings for their candies but grandma didn’t like the flavor or consistency. Connie was just going to give up the candy making because there wasn’t any good fillings on the market. My grandpa worked in a factory and he always took gifts to his workers for Christmas so he asked my grandma to make candy. Because she didn’t like the store bought fillings she decided to make her own. Through many long nights and many trial and errors she made her own fillings. She originally started with 5 chocolates which were buckeyes, peanut butter cups, peppermint patties, chocolate covered cherries, and peanut clusters. Connie started making chocolates as Christmas gifts for friends and family and over the 30 years she has gifted hundreds of pounds of chocolate. Throughout the years people have requested the chocolates year round and even offered to buy it. Connie didn’t want to deal with running a business because it wouldn’t be a hobby anymore. I myself, Justin Slone have been helping my grandma since I was big enough to reach the counter in the kitchen and as I got older I requested that she start selling her chocolates, and the answer was always no. I attended culinary school in 2011 and graduated in 2013. The Christmas after I got back I came to my grandma once again with the idea of turning her hobby into a business and to everyone’s surprise she said yes. After a few months of planning we launched as Grandma’s Candy jar in April 2014. Soon after we talked and decided that Grandma’s candy jar wasn’t the proper name for the business but I still wanted for the name to be a tribute for my grandma since without her we wouldn’t be here. Murphy’s Chocolate was then born July of 2014 and at that time we had grown to over 20 chocolates, 10 fudges, and 10 specialty items.